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In time, I will collect the world.

Since when do "sporting goods" stores stock only apparel, and possibly a basketball or two? They're all Footlocker clones, and at least Footlocker never claimed to be more than shoes. The employees get confounded when you ask them where the "huntin stuff" is, or when you enquire as to their mountainbike selection. It's kinda fun!

I cleaned out my room at my grandmother's a little bit ago, and I took some pictures of stuff I wanted to remember before I threw it out. Like the sketchy-ass helmet I got at the Salvation Army store for use in my costume a few years ago when I went as Black Sabbath's "Paranoid":

Someone asked to see where my books were. Here are my LPs, also.

Tom's definitely right. Taking pictures while driving is not only difficult, but is also stupid. But I keep meaning to start taking pictures of custom license plates I see (preferably in a parking lot, like where I saw 4TUN81 on a Porsche Boxster). I may not be physically collecting the plates like Tom, but hey. This is a lot more legal, considering my interest is in the plates people have and are using now.


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