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The Man from Dell

The man from Dell came by tonight, was very quiet and quick and left me with a new video card, very few questions asked. Which is nice, because after three seperate tech support calls, the damned thing started working FINE today. Well, ok. Swell. I found it funny that he called himself John, when the caller ID labelled him as something much more awesomely African. It was kinda neet how he sang to himself while he worked. Only he didn't sound crazy in the way that I sometimes fear I must.

And by the way, Lorelei, in case you think I've forgot you; know that the madness has spread.

Trainspotting is best read aloud, in my best [mock] Scottish. Hey, if Johnny Lee Miller can do it, why can't I? Sure, I have no connection to Sir Sean Connery, but I am a dramatis personae magna cum gitsum.

Time to buy Leona Naess tickets! Dell Hombre coming means my Friday is now free to be spent as I please:
  • Cutting my hair
  • Heading to teh Sports Authority to check out their archery selection (does anyone even sell recurve bows for us old skoolerz anymore?)
  • Heading to teh Mac store to drool over powerbooks and iPods.
  • Heading to teh biek store to feign ignorance and pretend that everything I know about bikes is wrong. Get some knew inf0e from teh ground up
  • Go to STAEPULS to see if they have those damn ultrafineneedlepoint gel pens. SUGOI!

I should also check my monetary status and monitor my stock portfolio, as well as dropping several other buzzwords that flibbertygibbert the ziederflüus rotiflanarian. In other words, by spending my entire pathetic life making up words appear to be too cool for them. Because remember, gadgets and superfluous knowledge can make up for a lack of personality.

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