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If you don't cut that hair

Today I had to:
  1. Cut my hair
  2. Set up my online brokerage account
  3. Mail a package to Tom
  4. Drop off my rent application for #2
  5. Visit the bike shop
  6. Buy some more pens
Of course, when I started out this morning to play a little Vanishing Point, I didn't realize that when I was done, I'd run into some major computer problems when I tried to get some info online. My mail had not been working since yesterday, but I figured that was Cornell's server. But then, as I tried to telnet in to Cornell (and connected, just barely) everything froze. Completely locked up. And so I had to kill the power and reboot. At that point, everything went to shit. Or more to shit. From the bios screen on, everything was just scrambled. It kinda looked like the Matrix, sans Letterdrop effect. I got it into Windows, looking like it was in safe mode, running 800x600 on both screens. Now, normally I have the little one running 1024x762 (or whatever it is) and the big guy running 1600x1200. Why do I mention that? Just to brag, basically. But this time, they were both running the same exact display; no extended desktop! I right-clicked to change the res and set up the monitors correctly, and it just gave me the plain vanilla resolution selector... for one monitor! With no way to add extras. Obviously, something is fucked. I can now check my e-mail, but if I try to run moz for 5 seconds or more, it freez0rz agin. And when I try to reboot, the standby option is greyed out. Weirdness. I also can't run Windows Media Player, so it's not all bad. I managed to get my tech support guy, Dr. Torak, and he tells me it ain't Windows, since the very bios is fucked up. He asks me if I have an extra video card. Oh shit. This sounds expensive.

So maybe I kicked the card loose or something. I pop the case open to look at things, following Big T's advice to make sure everything is seated and clean. Well, shit. I pulled out the video card and the fan is absolutely gummed with dust. I've never had a video card with its own fan. Damn, forgot I was playing with the big boys. Now I know I have to pull the components out and dust them, too, occasionally. A quick check of the network card shows a healthy deposit of dust on it directly opposite the fan. Ok, so that could have interfered with my e-mail coming in, possibly. Standby is now a viable option on my machine again, no explanation for that. Also, WMP still won't work, but like I said, no big loss.

Great! I have wasted about four hours running every antivirus, antitrojan, and disc scan I can imagine to fix a problem caused by my being a lazy ignoramus. But my performance machine is working again and I am happy. Of course, now everyone is gone. It seems people only want to talk to me online when my computer is fux0red! I'm not complaining, though (even if I was grouchy at the time). I just wish people wanted to talk to me more often, and at times when my computer was running like Jessie Owens.

So now I have limited time left. I decide to put off my hair cut at least until the weekend, as I need to jet to the P.O. to mail Tom's package. My to-do list was organized in logistically chronological order, but all fucking logic went out the window this morning, so it's time to reorganize. So I addressed the envelope, filled out my rental application, and bid the world goodbye. I think I was in the frame of mind for some quality time with my car today, because that's what I did. You know how you can see some friends all the time, but never really get any quality, deep hanging out in? Well, my car and I had one of those late-night college bonding fests this afternoon. I wasn't out on the open road, but that didn't matter. I jetted down to the Postal Orifice five minutes to closing... on any other day. Today's their late night, so I was ok with an hour to spare. Well, ok. Next, I zoomed off toward the bike shop.

I found it, no problem, and walked inside, savoring the selection for a bit. I cruised around the whole store, checking out the various types of bike, mainly focusing on the Treks, because I happen to know the Trek brand (mainly from living in Ithaca) and because their reviews were quite favorable. The owner comes up to me and asks me a few questions, then tells me I should also check out the Giants. I look at him like he just told me I was a bonafide Sludgesickle man. So I amble around aimlessly a bit longer, then I finally have one of the other salespeople show me around the hybrids and show me what's what. He told me that the Navigator series I had been admiring were more what's called a "comfort" bike; for older and fatter people, with less performance. I told him my price range was ~$500, and he showed me the 7300. Oh gee, I think for $519 (+ accessories, natch!) I'm in love. Comes with an asslight, for night-time biking, and some kind of futuristic mini-bar on the front which you can strap all sorts of goodies to. Ok, I'm sold! But I don't tell him that. After we shoot the breeze for a bit (turns out he spent some time growing up in Louisville, too), I tell him I will think about it and of course do some more research (since my prior efforts were clearly in the wrong direction) and be back. I need to find out if we still have my old bike rack somewhere, so if I buy this damn thing, I can cart it home (without buying one of their ridiculously expensive accessory carriers). Off to my potential future demesne!

After dropping off my residence app, I cruise the area to familiarize myself with the 'hood. It's not a bad place, but not so good that I won't want to leave and go back to school (getting a bike, believe it or not, is on my list of things to do before I go back, so I'm getting closer, kinda). This is the point at which my car and I synergize and just cruise. I had some fun zooming around the desolate industrial areas, scoping out places to do laps on my bike if I move to the area. I need to build up some damn power before I go out and make a fool of myself around other bikers. I have a level of sensitivity that coms from years of ridicule in gym. I know I'm out of shape; I don't need people fuckin lookin at me trying to get back in shape. Like whenever I'm running and I come across someone else running, I either start walking and make like I am taking a planned break to cool down, or I burn out of sight like all hell so they don't see me when I slow down and start running like a slow fatass again.

So I make my way back home, stopping of for a slurpee on the way, thanks to sobriquet's great idea. Then I get home, where the mail's arrived. I tell my mom time and again that she gets too much damn mail. My car insurance and the Netflix DVDs are just lying out there on the floor. The mailbox itself is crammed with junk mail from at least three churches and catalogs out the ass. There is ONE vital piece of mail actually in the mailbox, my brother's Direct Loan stuff. All the other important mail is sitting on the floor where anyone can get at it. Thankfully, our neighbors are all crackheads and so are not yet awake at 18:00.

BONUS 1: One of the DVDs is the Hidden Fortress, which I've wanted to see since high school (yay, Netflix!)
BONUS 2: You got your car insurance on time this time. REMEMBER TO PUT IT IN YOUR CAR. Both times they have sent me a renewal, I have left it at home when I needed it. First got me out of a speeding ticket (so gfg, actually), and the second meant I had to go out to Lodi and back on my lunch hour to have my car inspected on the last day of the month, because forgot my amazing car actually had to be inspected until the week before. No insurance card mean fail inspeccy! Not gfg, definitely.
BONUS 3: Wow, they make a Sobe Energy-flavored Slurpee now. Damn you, Joe.
BONUS 4: My car insurance went down by EIGHTEEN CENT a month. Good Lord, that's a lot of money!</Chris Rock>
BONUS 6: There is no bonus 5, nor will there be a #7. (Eight is right out.)

I am all about freestylin again lately. The best was the Snidely Whiplash freestahl.


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