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So far, so far away

So far, I've been checking out apartments to buy. To comparison shop, I am now looking at apartments with comparable rent to my hypothetical mortgage + maintenance and seeing which is the better deal. I looked at two apartments today. One was a not so nice studio, but had an optional garage. The other was three, maybe four blocks away and was pretty nice/is being redone. It was also studio, and I get an assigned parking spot, but no garage. The second was slightly smaller, but was a ground floor apartment in the back of the building, away from the street (hardwood floors >> ratty old carpet) and facing some greenery. Hypothetically speaking, I could still rent the garage at the other place, because I am really fucking tired of leaving my car on the street. Assigned parking behind a building is nice, but GARAGE. I mean, fuck man. That's not easy or cheap in North Jersey where you pay like $10-20 / sq. ft. I often have to walk two blocks to get to where I parked my car on the street anyway. The second place is across from the medical center (and yes, it's in Hackensack... we're doing a promotion at work for Billy Joel's "Movin' Out" musical and we're playing nothing but Billy Joel and I am only just now realizing wtf I did and where I was today... I might have a heart attackackackack) and is across from a 24 diner on one corner and a 24 hour drug store on the other. Talk about convenience! But what the fuck... it'd be like living in a Billy Joel song. Goddammit; I didn't even realize that. Billy Joel didn't say anything about planes coming in for approach at Teterboro Airport, though (they stop at around 8PM as it is a small airport; the ambulances run all night, though).

I am on schedule to look at two more places tomorrow, also in the same town as each other. That is, they are in a different town from the ones I looked at today, but they are only blocks away from each other in the same way as the two I looked at today were. I am getting really good at blocking appointments geographically. Luck helps. My mom has said I'm something like a maniac; she never expected me to kick in overdrive. I do that; as Tricky said, "before the move, sit on the perspective." I sat back for two weeks, gathered some data, and now it is time to get things done. Never mind that I have been living in this place for two years and only moving out because my mom wants to move. I never said I was good at getting motivated.

My motivation, though, is a bike. I will buy myself a nice bicycle upon which to lose some damn weight if I can find an apartment for myself. That's right, I have to reward my lazy ass for getting out there and finding a place of my own. The comfort of living alone and making my own rules is not enough. Hah. Now you know why I never finished college the first time around. And in my case, I have no horse to blame it on.

(the) Prodigy is so awesome. I have visions of putting a book basket on the back of my new bike and mounting some fierce speakers on it, connected to my discman (equipped with mad amounts of spare batteries) and fucking bringing the noise whereever I go. Behind my ass will come a block party and a half, whereever I be.

As far as the bike itself, I have no clue what I am doing. I am pretty sure I want a hybrid, and I was told by two seperate bike guys (friends, not sales people) that I need to spend $500 to get a real bike. When I say real bike, my last bike was an $89 Sears jobbie on sale that my grandma bought me. Long story short, the chain jumped as the light was changing in the middle of a busy intersection (yes, they have busy intersections in Ithaca) and damn near got me kilt. This is the grandma whose firstborn grandson I am not. So I am now interested in buying something comfy with offroad capabilities that is reliable. I'm looking at Trek's Navigator series, the only drawbacks to which seem to be that it is a "grip shifter", not a flick shifter. I was also looking at some Gary Fisher bikes, then I found out Trek makes their frames. I think I like their more erect style of frame; good for the posture! But it's hard to check out bikes online; you seldom find them with more than one or two reviews. I have to go to the bike shop again now that I know some stuff. I went last week and quickly left, intimidated, as I was all too eager to spend money but knew nothing. Now I have done 2 hrs research and feel 10x better. Mr. Drew is an excellent resource on many things. He also helped me pick out my camera!

The guy who showed me the apartments today was really nice (and he spoke English, thank George). I gave him my card and turns out he's in insurance part time and his wife's a closing attorney, so I invited them both to stop by the bank some time to talk shop. It was really great to have my first day out turn into such a nice experience. We chatted about real estate and insurance and whatnot and I was not shy or avoidant or anything. Just like I was a real boy.

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