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The vote for icons!

I'm getting a paid account. Problem is... I've designed waaaay too many icons. To help me, please vote for or against as many icons as you like/hate. I'm looking for a breadth of selection; I want a very expressive icon set. Some of the images will need cleaning up; please try not to vote them down because they look rough (feel free to tell me if you'd like an icon cleaned up). Mouseovers bring up captions that tell you some about the image. Also, while you're at it, feel free to tell me you'd like to see me keep/get rid of one of my current three icons.

ALL YOUR BASE #1 Calm, for now... 007 regulates Scientific

Musical/Thoughtful. That's David Byrne. Capt. Obvious... they'll love this on the support board. I am cornholio! Don't FUCK with the gunslinger.

The Condor from The Mysterious Cities of Gold, looking badass. Lovers embrace within a flower. Mitsurugi expresses his disgust. Clan Quaker Oats fragZ j00!

A rose. ALL YOUR BASE #2 The Tarkus. The Tarkus is hardcore, and a good album. Axe murderer on the can. It's a long story.

Brock says hi! What a tangled web we blah. Contemplative icon? WEIRD Brock is furious!

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