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I'm not trying to be funny. I really don't understand.

Ok, so I am not getting 85% of my e-mail. Good thing sobig is still getting through. Who needs livejournal comments? Just because they are my only contact with the outside world because no one AIMs me anymore and I keep getting thrown out of IRC rooms.

Hmm... wonder if there's a reason for all of that.

It's also come time my attention that I'm not getting stupider with age, just lazier. What can I do with this glaringly bright brilliant intelligence that doesn't require me to have any sort of discipline or commitment?

I need a pin or button or what have you that says: "I'm not trying to be funny. I really don't understand."

And when people ask me if I 'speake Espani,' I think I will no longer reply, "solamente un poquito." I think it is time to start answering, "No, pero mi Inglés es tan fuerte." For some reason, tan sounds better there than muy. Tan means so, and muy means very, but as I understand, it is so very wrong to say "tan muy" or "muy tan". Because A doesn't equal A when A is the Anglo-American Fonzie-style "Ay" and A is the L-A "Ahh" as in "Abre su fuckin boca, ese."

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