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Va! Vaaa!

I am Count Dorkula. I haff come to suck...

That's it, I just suck. You don't need to fear for your precious plasma.

I love vampires that say "plasma". Maybe it's the just the Transylvanian way of saying "plasma".

This is me fucking unable to write anything about anything. I am not a very "what I did today" type of person. I was there, and I don't feel like reliving or repeating it.

"The hardest thing about opening up to someone is putting so much power in their hands."

These are just idle thoughts. A random sample in a soup of chaos and interconnected yet dissociative thinking.

I want so much that I have no idea how to go about getting it. I'm tempted to start telling people off again when I think they are in need of debugging and reprogramming.

This job would be great if it weren't for the fucking customers.

"Of all the things I value most of all, I look inside myself and see my world and know that it is good."


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