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Uncle Ugly

The couple who were adopting a child came back in today... with the child! They thanked me again for doing the loan for them that helped defray the massive costs of adoption and they gave me a picture of the little one to keep. I feel like an uncle. I don't know if I'm allowed to be proud, but I was almost in tears today.

And suddenly, I can see exactly what I'm doing and who it's for.

Not that everything I've wanted has come to fruition. "You were right when you said: 'You can't always get what you want.'" But I haven't given it (and myself) everything I had to give. "You don't get something for nothing."

I've been thinking about John Malkovich's character in "Burn This" a lot lately, and my performance as such. But lunch is over 10 min. ago.

Burn this, meaning myself. The phoenix thing is overused, though. Does that mean it can't be good or still useful?

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