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It takes control of your better sense

My mother has psychic powers. She has the ability to predict, nay determine, when one of the stars on any of her soaps is pregnant long before it's in the tabloids.

You may laugh, but that's how it starts. Funny how a little thing like that can, in one generation, lead to my almost Godlike ability to turn anything into another facet of my Christ complex.

Have you listened to I Mother Earth lately? I have. Their music has a very subtle effect on you, but over time it worms its way into the deepest recesses of your conscious mind. No joke.

I should probably get a hold of their lesser circulated (in the U.S.) latter two albums to supplement the already amazing first two discs I have.

Some people hold that good things come in threes, but I have no third and final thought to supply for you. This is merely a placeholder.


On fourth thought, I have got a third mention. Today marks the birth of Felix Wankel (heheh, wankel), the creator of the first working rotary combustion engine, an invention which made dysthymia possible.

So ha, DOUBLE suckers.

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