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Is it me?

I made this on a site that nomi was pimpin' in her lj. I think it's kinda cool. Now that I've sent in my check, I might make it one of my new paid account icons.
Quoth the Nemo:
Hah! That's great!
It even has your hat! :D

(The wonderful) Becca took me to this cool used bookstore today where I spent too much money on things and stuff. I got more Lovecraft (they didn't have any copies of the Necronomicon, though I did pick up Diamond Age by the author of Cryptonomicon) and a cool book on Japanese gov't culture and history from the 50's, as well as Johnny Got His Gun which you may or may not know was made into a movie later used for clips in Metallica's "One" video. I need to clean my room... the copy of the collected "X-cutioner's Song" is my reward that I will crack open once my room is no longer a fire hazard. I have waited almost a decade to read that storyline but never had the money to collect all the comics as they spanned this X-Men book and that X-Force book and the other X-Factor book.

I have a book that will also allow me to teach myself the fundaments of good working command of German language.

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