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I can do you one better, Tom.

Who's ready for a shitstorm? Or am I right? There seems to be a class of kids who have grown up listening to the "Classic Rock" radio; who think Pink Floyd is [sic] god but shrug if you mention "Arnold Layne". Steppenwolf only has two songs: Magic Carpet Ride, Born to Be Wild (oh, and they recognize "Rock Me" if you can hum a few bars). Deep Purple was a one-hit wonder, right? I have not actually called the poster such; I've given her a chance to expand or clarify, but I fear she may just look at me and go "huh?" I only threw my comment out in the hope that she's genuinely interested; there's so much awesome music out there, and we live in a century where a majority of the previous century's work is preserved in one format or another so that 'good' or 'bad', you can find something you like, and that's what matters. Who knows, maybe these kids are blissful just listening to whatever K-Schlock tells them is classic. If so, they will probably just flame me and then turn the radio up louder to flood the call of higher reason my own opinion. But heavens forbid, imagine if an intelligent discussion broke out on livejournal?

Everybody can throw in their two cents (that's the beauty of the internet).

"no you won't fool the children of the [Clear Channel] revolution..."

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