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You want meta? We'll get meta.

I was reading this post in Amanda's journal when I noticed that Columbia, MO was on that list. I stopped and wondered, as I've been thinking about my general homelessness, about what it would entail for me to move to somewhere completely detached from everyone I know, but somewhere close to where I was born. It's not a new idea; I think a number of you are familiar with The Guy I Almost Was. What would it be like for me to sever everything and start fresh? I'm not saying I'd challenge the adage that no man is an island; I'd make completely new friends and be social from the outset. Would that work, though? I am of the belief that the reason I am so 'cool' at the moment; ie, I'm a guy people want to hang out with; is that I have a certain degree of confidence, attained in part through the respect I get from having friends. It's the same old story about how girls are never interested until you're in a relationship. Without my support structure, would I have the confidence necessary to build myself a new one?

All of this is a gedanken flirtation, of course. It's entirely possible to build new bridges while the old ones still stand. In fact, it's easier; what with an easy way to ferry materials to the other side already there. Whenever I look at a bridge that spans any amount of depth, I imagine the difficulty of erecting that first span...

"you can take me down, you can show me your home
not the place where you live, but the place where you belong"

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