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'"What a shame, what a waste," they'll say.'

I had a real eye-opening dream last night; then I opened my eyes and forgot it.

The dream that I do remember, or part thereof, was when I was in 'Risley' at Cornell, and I was hiding out on a staircase when I bumped into these three-foot tall model suits of armor that they had on display. I only jostled one of them, and I managed to catch it before it could fall and I kept the helmet from hitting the ground and making a sound. Getting the helmet back on was not a problem, but then I could not get the darned suit to stand back up. Apparently, when it had been mounted there in its little alcove, it had been balanced so that it could remain freestanding. For the life of me, I could not balance it, bend the joints as I would; something was always out of balance.

I want to read this discussion on /., but it's so darn long. I don't anticipate any golden nuggets or magical cures, but someone out there has to have had the same sort of remedial study skills problems that I have.

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