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DPlan, boss, DPlan!

So I went to a Dismemberment Plan concert tonight that I'd forgotten The Reverend Dave bought me a ticket to. It rocked, but it was their farewell tour. The band came out after and was super nice and very talkative and signative. I must've run up to Travis thrice for different things. First time was to thank him for 2 things: 1. they played "If I Don't Write" at my request, and 2. for writing "Following Through". Then I ran up to him when I remembered I had a camera and I took a picture of the two of us. Then I came back with David after visiting the merch table and had him sign a CD. The rest of the band signed it, too, including the one non-lefty. I told them if they ever want to reunite as an all-lefty outfit, I would be their man. They laughed a bit. Very down to earth people. The non-lefty gave me recognition, too. He was like, weren't you the guy with the bandana, the sunglasses, and the backwards hat? and I was like, "yup". Nice to know that I still can go to shows and have an impact on the performers. People look at me weird when I tell them that after the Lefty show, the band thanked me for showing up. I just bring that much energy to a crowd; what can I say?

HOLY CRAP I HAVE WORK @ 8 MAÑANA. I forgot I was supposed to request this Saturday off 2 months ago when David got the tickets, but then I had to get last Sat at the last minute for Alison's visit, and we only really get one Saturday off a month. And next week is supposedly Agata's party, Fri night, the morning after which I was also supposed to take off. Ha, whatever. I am going to get a reputation for being really sluggish on Saturdays, but what the hey. I may need to take a nap tomorrow so I can drive safely to Erica's soireé.

God damned 'social calendar.'

Thank you, Mr. CrisBek.

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