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"I'd walk in the rain between the raindrops"

Today, I did. It was interesting. I heard the rain before I saw it or felt it. Big, nickel-sized droplets started to fall everywhere, leaving spots on the pavement the size of pancakes. Everywhere because it was all around me, but yet, there was room to stroll between the individual drops as they fell. It was pouring, by volume. But for all practical concerns, I was dry. Total 'gee whiz' moment.

I finally got Escape Velocity for Windows yesterday, since I am no longer a mac user in good standing. Oh man, memories. I probably would have registered it already but Captain Hector annoys the fuck out of me. He can warp into a zone outside Known Space and tell me to register, but when I hail him for help because I've been stranded by marauding pirates, he can't/won't respond. Gee, if you really wanted me to register, you'd give me free repairs at least. I'm not asking for a fleet of Kestrels/Manticores!

I really like /ing things lately. And I really like the etymology for 'maraud'. But I will go now before the power goes out.

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