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BEHOLD, THE MAJESTY [warning, it is huge... nay, it is hugeness]

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the glory that is my COCK.

This is quite possibly the biggest COCK you've ever seen. It's 120 GB, with 8 MB cache and 133 whatever 133 stands for. It was decided to name it COCK after much deliberation and advice from deepburroughs, kermix, and raptorck. It was decided the innumerable possibilities for jokes about the size of my COCK, showing girls my COCK, and looking up information stored on my COCK were too immense to pass up. For those of you who have been following, all my drives have four letter names, as those seem to prove most auspicious. After all, my first HD was named Gonzo (who is awesome, don't get me wrong), but it was plagued by failures. We needed something more incredible than BOND, something more intimidating than [Dr.] DOOM, something still around (unlike CCCP, which was a cool idea), and something more upscale than PRON (not that having a 120GB drive named PRON wouldn't be a nice conversation piece, thank you, Kermix). After all, isn't the Chinese "Year of the Cock" coming up? It's conceivable, in some far off corner of the universe, that I can pass this drive off on account of my love for chicken soup.

Of course, the drive itself is untested, but hopefully, in a few hours, I will be back online to tell you guys how much I love teh COCK. No, wait... that's terrible.

i have no face... i am anonymous. and in my dreams, i am anonymous
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