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lj tarot

I've kind of fallen in love with the 80's Tarot, if not for the artwork for the interpretations. I don't hold that the tarot has any predictive power, but it can be useful for reflection. Indeed, as I was reading my friends page, a pattern seemed to emerge. I took it from the first two and ran with it. They are a product of the usericons, mostly, but no icon is selected without some significance to the user. Without further ado, I proffer my Livejournal Tarot (major arcana):


0, The Fool

Foolish mortal! Just look at him; everything is new and surprising and holds a lesson of great importance.


I, The Magician

The Magician is driven to understand the universe and all the forces that act around him. Just as he controls the forces to learn more about them, they control him and drive him to quest further.


II, The High Priestess

She always has a story for the children, a parable of greater truth. People crowd around for miles to see what she's got and if it's sold in a bottle. Often, she's venerated for saying what the child inside all of us is thinking.


III, The Empress

What better Empress than the Heathen Mother Bitch? Firm, yet maternal, she simply does not take any crap. Otherwise, she is love!


IV, The Emperor

He who writes the code makes the rules.


V, The Hierophant

Whether channelling the airwaves, or spirits from another world, the Hierophant seeks a greater understanding. No datum is to small to be lovingly placed into a puzzle; the result of which will be the larger picture. Someday.


VI, The Lovers

Love, love, love. Hello, rock! Hello, bug! Every breath of air, every drop of rain holds a beautiful mystery in the heart of the romantic.


VII, The Chariot

Newly come into power, The Chariot symbolizes man ascendant; usually by force.


VIII, Strength

Strength bears the whole world in her hands, even if it's only a single butterfly. Sometimes the greatest strength is the power not to use it, for those truly mighty have the power to be benevolent and thoughtful of others.


IX, The Hermit

The Hermit's an easy one, right? Usually, they say such and such about isolation; about how one's quest for knowledge, whether of the world outside or in, leads to isolation, if only for lack of someone else of equal calibre to understand. Well, okay. Let's leave that definition pretty well alone.


X, The Wheel of Fortune

Round and round, up and down, the wheel is always turning, but that does not mean it is going anywhere. Still, there are few things as powerful as the rotary force, and the moment the jack is kicked away, kiss the wheel goodbye.


XI, Justice

Rich man, poor man; shark don't care. Y'all are just as tasty as one another.

XII, The Hanged Man

There are times when the fastest way to move ahead is to stand stock still and let the jam pass you by. And of course, there are times when you have no choice. The Hanged Man is usually a victim of his environs or his society; either of which can act to stifle a creative mind when it is not understood.


XIII, Death

Death brings new life (duh), and life brings birthday cake and balloons! (double duh)

XIV, Temperance

Some think it's a lost art, but there still exists an unflamboyant joy to be taken in the simple things. Temperance is the epitome of one step at a time, but there is no written rule that says that that each single step cannot be composed of a giant bounding leap.

XV, The Devil

The Devil represents material temptation. Things exist in the physical world that appeal to our senses, but by our desire for these things are we held fast, as if chained.


XVI, The Tower

The Tower represents a sudden and violent upheaval. Kind of like getting tackled by a huge tower of a man in your office cubicle. Oh, hey, just like that icon over there.


XVII, The Star

The Star is a guiding light; a bright shining beacon of hope in the night beckoning a weary traveller home. The Star represents forward motion and a vision of the future. It's just there... right over the horizon.

XVIII, The Moon

Subtle and mysterious at times; violently abrasive at others, the moon is never at rest. It possesses many different faces, and never shows the same one twice in a row. At odds with the world, and at odds with itself, The Moon has never been an easy card; why should it start being an exception now?


XIX, The Sun

Quite simply, it is the beauty and laughter of innocence that powers the world and keeps it going 'round.


XX, Judgement

When the end comes, you will know it. It will be sudden and terrible and probably spark a laugh in those of us who are a bit more cynical. But it won't be at all like the ones we saw on TV, and it will most certainly not be televised.


XXI, World

Deep down inside the World is where we all live. Deep down inside is the World where we all live.

Remember, when people say Happy 4th, they mean Happy me! (Since I am the fourth).
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