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d00d, w4reZ j00r /<a2m4

I inadvertently rented two movies with this guy; Blade Runner and The Jerk. Now, I finally read Blade Runner last year, and then waited for the movie to show up on cable. Ok, didn't happen. The Jerk? I can't believe I've never seen it, but whatever. I'll watch it as soon as the ScreenSavers is over.

Blade Runner was interesting; I watched the Director's cut. If I didn't love Rutger Hauer before, I do now. Wow, he's the man. Now I wonder what the regular cut is like (yes, I can read IMDb's "alternate versions", but that ain't the price of pork). I definitely got more of an impression that the dude was a replicant than I did from the book. I'll have to read it again, which won't be too hard since the movie took longer to watch than the book did to read. In case you're wondering, I'm not saying what d00d, because OOoooOOooOooo spoilers! As if anyone else hasn't seen the movie in the past 20 years. Other than me.

Speaking of books, I felt so 1337. I walked into B&N, grabbed a copy of Unix in a Nutshell off the "Last Chance" shelf as I walked in (it was a suave no-look grab) and bought the damn thing. Same exact book (yes, it was the same Ed.) in the same exact B&N was thrice the price, whereas I bought it for $8. I definitely carried it around the store for a good 10-15 minutes, looking my d0pe5+. I had some time to kill between the Hulk and Finding Nemo matinees, and it was raining pisswater (warm, stale rain) outdoors. Damn, I looked awesome carrying that O'Reilly book. I should be a nerd model. But don't worry, I was properly aloof to all the nerd chicas who admired not only my 133+ 5/<111Z but my bargain sense.

You know, it's actually hard being this hot.

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