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3 and 4

Answers to some random polls that I saw in other people's journals:
No, but I send out packages every once in awhile.
Good question. Four to six?
As many interesting places as possible.
"Yep, he's his uncle's son alright."
"Men debate, nature acts."
My mom's.
My maidenhead. I keep it in a jar.
To succeed, and succeed well. At what, that is not known yet.
I don't like to watch. I like to play.
flying buttress.

Answers to questions no one asked:
Watching the weather channel.
Divorced, you jackass.
No, not yet.
Two, but I'm not naming names.
No, no I don't.
Not for awhile. I don't think I'm ready/interested.
Ha ha ha, too many times.
Music with instruments.
Yeah, on the 19th.
Sometimes, I have a hard time believing in myself, let alone God. One step at a time.

And I think I know why I'm so rotten at giving directions. I don't know where I'm going. No, seriously; on my way to the gas station last night, I was trying to think of the exact route, and I couldn't. I mean, it's like, up the big hill then left, and I'll figure it out when I get to the next decision point. I made it a point to look at some of the shops and whatnot that I routinely pass but couldn't name if you asked me. I don't notice they're there, I only pay attention to the junctures. And I remember them as I come to them. Which is probably why I seldom get lost with a reasonable set of directions. "Keep going til you turn left at the..." is how I drive anyway; not unlike the Line Drive directions on the former MapBlast (R.I.P. and a fuck you, M$N). Those were awesome, but trust corporate America to acquire and homogenize. I don't think it works as well now, plus I feel dirty using it.

In closing, ARROWED!

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