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Me, Myself, and I.

This is not a pipe, nor can you step in the same river twice. I'm not the man I once was, nor am I the same boy I used to be. I'm, with time, coming more to terms with the fact that as time passes, I too pass. I take care not of myself, but of the man I've yet to become. So I've been running in the morning, and applying myself more, lately. I fought to keep from blushing today as my coworkers told me that in the past year I've been there I've matured immensely. Maybe I am ready to go back to school. Well, not me precisely, but you get the idea. The choices I made then seperate the guy I've become from the guy I almost was. Time has brought the maturity to not simply say "fuck you" to all the mes yet to be and the integrity to say "fuck you" to everyone else, as necessary.

If I have seemed taller than most, it is because I have stood upon the shoulders of giants. Can I yet stand upon my own shoulders over time to rise a head above the herd, so that I may see in what direction we are going?


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