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I can't operate on this failure

I try to be dashing, but it comes across as arrogant. I try to be I try to be nice, but it comes out condescending. I try to be humble, but it seems self-deprecating... to a fault. I try to be assertive, but it sounds more like I'm being obnoxious. I try to cooperate, but it makes me look uncertain. I try to be independent and suddenly I'm anti-social. I try not to make waves and now I'm passive-aggressive.

If breaks were wind I could never be a kite, because I have such trouble just catching one. But still I try. What else can I do?

I got a call from a high school friend yesterday, which almost seemed as a waking from a dream. I don't know if you'd say we were chums and such, but we definitely hung out a few times. He wants to do dinner at some point. He also said I was one of maybe three people that he really wanted to talk to at all from those days. I have to remember that no matter what my family says or does (ignoring the fact that I'm in the room a few times just this weekend) that I do have a positive impact on some people's lives. After all, I'm The Man.

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