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The Big Stuff

In reading Clifton Fadiman's 1946 introduction to Ambrose Bierce's Can Such Things Be?, I came across his depiction of Bierce's sense that death was in the end, the greatest joke. As he puts it, Bierce had, in his infinite misanthropism, no cogent way to mock mankind's smug, bovine ignorance of the joke of his everyday life and so resorted to the next plane; thus leading to Bierce's interest (though most certainly not belief) in the supernatural.

I don't necessarily agree with the idea that death's a joke, but I do agree that death's not entirely a bad thing. Many people (no, I'm not picking on you in particular or anyone at all, silly) have an almost phobic association with anything to do with death, but I think it's unwarranted. Death is just another thing. But that doesn't mean that because I don't hold it as hallowed and feared that it's cool to just go around killing this and that. A wise man once said that it was foolish to go about dealing death if one did not have equal power to grant life. Wait, it was Gandalf that said that, wasn't it? Oh, dear.

The coolest thing about Vermont is that there are no billboards. You don't notice it until you get to the New York border, and all the billboards are almost lined up, eyeing the invisible border that prevents their total saturation of the countryside. Well, it's not that dramatic, but you definitely notice the difference if you're looking for it when you leave the state, especially on Rte. 9 out of Bennington.

But in the interim, I've almost become obsessed with seeing From Dusk Til Dawn III, which supposedly deals somewhat with what happened to Ambrose Bierce after he disappeared in Mexico in 1913. If I do become famous, I think that 'disappearance' is the way I will choose to go. To up and walk away; will it even be possible in the world of 50 years hence?

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