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Crass Materialism

What do I ever post about? Stuff I want to buy.

After some consultation with my friendly neighborhood camera expert/salesmensch (on probably the longest cellular call I've made outside my free nights/weekends), I think I've decided on the Nikon Coolpix 2500, which I've found for as low as $179 after Manufacturer's Rebate. But since I know the guy who did the art for the rebate promotion, he's going to see what his price for the camera is and get back to me. My second choice is the Exilim that my friend has. Soooo tiny. But then, I haven't done tons of shopping. I have seen the Exilim in action, and it's so tiny and light and versatile; can't really complain. You can buy a better camera for the price, but one so tiny?

While I'm still buzzing about this apartment that I'm supposed to finally get to see today, I'm also watching DVD Recorder/ReWriteable prices (as well as the media cost). I was thinking about getting one, but I might wait till the discs get at least to the dollar-a-disc point the way it did for CDRs ever so long ago.

I need to sneak into work to look at my paycheck for the end of the month to see what it finally came to with commission and then after taxes. Because I also need to buy new clothes today. Crap, and I have dozens of pounds of laundry to do, too, don't I? Dammit.

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