The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

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My kind of night

The shock of blood-red moon
fading to pale amber it hides
Behind livid clouds,
tinged with a lining of tarnished silver
Faint wisps of vapor that curl
into a smile that hints towards the
Immensity of the All
and the effeteness of the One
through a windscreen, merrily

The sky is pale pink
tinged from the growth of the city
Cancerous yet malingering
Each in his own cell
Out of control, chaos

This 'poem' would be like the favorite of 14 year old neo-depressionists the web wide. Holy crap am I awesome. Notice the end part where I have the parallelism/duality/whatever with chaos coming out of control yet like the people themselves are chaotic for the very reason that they ARE out of control. Damn. That's so... spiff.
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