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The Billows, Smooth and Bright

I had a curiously serene dream night before last. I dreamt that I was with my uncle for a last time. I knew it was the last time, but I couldn't think why until the dream was about over. It was very real; hyperreal in the way that only your impression of a person can make it. The same way that in Solaris, Reya was Reya as Kelvin remembered her, not as she truly was. All the more real because she was exactly what he expected and remembered, not her true self. It was very good, though, to be able to talk to him one last time. Joking around, complaining a bit, and just basically driving around in his truck, which smelled so much of his pipe. No grief, no remorse, just time spent together.

A lot of my dreams have that hyperreal sense to them, rather than being surreal as many people report their dreams to be. I had a weird one a few nights ago, though, where I and about three or four other people needed to pack ourselves into the trunk of a car, and the personal space issues that arose therefrom. It's also interesting when real people show up in my dreams (interesting enough when there are other people in my dreams, even if they a faceless crowd or cardboard cutouts). Katy's shown up in dreams two nights in a row, so I checked in on her and she's still her inimitable self. I think now is a time of missing people. I'm getting close to vacation with Becca later on this month (I'm in April already), but the closer I get to seeing her also is the longer it's been since I've seen her. I feel like it's ages since Alison and I had a good talk about things. Maybe it's spring, maybe it's a time for thawing (at the risk of sounding a bit too Northern Exposure), because I got an e-mail from a long-disappeared livejournal acquaintance this morning. And as I've been playing The Wind Waker a lot lately, where you can receive letters at the most random times, I've debated starting paper correspondence with people the way I have never been able to sustain over more than a letter or two. Postage is such a hassle! And there's the insecurity involved in sharing addresses with people you've met online. It's hard to not just be able to give people a hug.

Wind Waker's nice, too, except for some minor flaws. As an astronomy geek, I like that they put the phases of the moon into a Legend of Zelda game, but they did it ALL WRONG. Tee hee. Silly programmers! Only the full moon rises at sunset and sets at sunrise (approximately). Other phases place the moon in completely different locations at the same time of night. Oh well. The ocean is beautiful, and the game makes me nostalgic for The Mysterious Cities of Gold (as Alison said, there's a show Cartoon Network should pick up instead of SCHLOCK). It makes me long for my own sea adventure. And it reminds me why I was thinking about a houseboat for so long. Adventure, open space. A lot of my dreams have involved driving lately, and not to the store. Driving to places unknown is something I love. I've enjoyed stomping around state parks and whatnot, but I need something more. Space is not a commodity the tri-state area offers.

Hyperreel-to-reel, I want a life more than ordinary, without doing anything to make it so. I want an office as violent as Peter Gabriel's in Shock the Monkey. I want a government as mysterious and Kafkaesque as Yes' Owner of a Lonely Heart video. I want wars I can wage with only my friends to aid me and a little everyday magic. I want all the time in the world to walk into people's houses, ask them if they've seen the princess, and smash their pots because the world depends on me.

I want to be your Sledgehammer. Why don't you call my name?

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