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God isn't safe again.

I know I've said it already, but Failure's Heliotropic is a fantastic song (on a fantastic album named after a fantastic movie called 'Fantastic Planet'). At the Drive-in's Heliotrope is good, too, so maybe there's something about the word. But this song is just [at this point, space-time would distort and the rest of my words would be lost in a flash of blinding light]

I imagine this song is what dying sounds like. Or feels like. Odd, then, that it's so beautiful. It's very "Welcome to the Atrium. Look back on your life for the last time." Once you are outside the box, you can behold the box. It's up there with R. W. Chambers' The King in Yellow for violating that old psychologist's rule that the black box cannot contain itself, comprehend itself. Which is, I think, the ultimate Thing That Should Not Be. Maybe that's what Lovecraft was getting at: To behold the universe yet be within the universe would not only drive you mad, but would destroy you. Or maybe he was just a hack. The means don't require justification, as the end is all that's left now.
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