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I: Damn
rCK: yo?
I: And I was just about to tell you about that dude who changed his name to Optimus Prime
I: Good thing I read read Livejournal first
rCK: heh, yeah, I've been getting that a lot lately.
I: Ha ha
I: Seriously, though
I: I was going to shoot you the link, but I was like
I: If I've heard of it, I can be damned sure he has
I: There should be an informal law about that
rCK: seriously.
I: Like
I: Person X is considered and expert at A
I: It is safe to assume that if you, someone who is not an expert at A, has heard about A1, then X has also
I: Many times
I: We could call it "Prime's Law"
rCK: that'd be pretty cool. We need a database for this.

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