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They used to call me Tricky Kid

I got hit with a line today, and I wanted to use it. It felt like it fit in a Tricky song so this is my attempt to rip off Tricky's style, if you're wondering what this sounds like or why it sounds like Tricky if it does. Wait, let me say "Tricky" like three more times!

it's another rainy night
in the heart of the city
each raindrop scatters moonlight
mud underfoot is gritty
i feel the distant rumble
of the next approaching train
i shiver and i stumble
but i cannot feel the pain

a moment and it's gone
i think about my python

she clings like wet denim
i spit venom
her mistake
i'm the snake
and so we toil
i recoil
ready for another strike
instead i take a hike

wander downtown
feet on muddy ground
i find my hideaway
and now it's time to play
open mic tonight
and it's alright
i've got to take the stage
cause my mind's enraged
and so i spit fire
and i wreak ire

then my eyes find hers
here and there
everything blurs
i rock it debonair

because the time has come
my rhymes eclipse the sun
she wants to buy me a drink

but no, i think
ha ha ha
it's just that kinda night
i think i'll pick a fight
instead, i head
for the door
bound for the floor
i take the local h
and i make it safe
back to the viper's nest

still so nattily dressed
and at her behest
i come to bed
she rubs my silly head
still filled with aching dread
but for the mo
i let it

"can't you see that it's late at night? I'm very tired, and I'm not feeling right."

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