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The Puppet Strings Sag

Atop this podium, I feel the fixation caused by Relationship of Command, possibly one of the best albums of all time. Thanks to those of you who helped me with my encoding needs, I was able to rip every track but the one that was scratched through the TOP of the disc (I blame the faceplate screws in my discman-type player (*cough*RCA*cough*), and then replace that track with an .mp3 I downloaded for the replacement disc burn. I had enough room to also add the Vaya EP to the end of the disc, so everyone wins! Except my CD recorder has a minimum pause between .mp3 tracks, but it's barely noticeable.

I'm about to press the "I Agree" button on my wireless phone order. I plan to get a Motorola (Hello, Moto) T720 with America's choice (bare minimum of minutes). Since my company has a discount plan with them (like how I got my computer through Dell, remember?), I am getting a 20% discount on the plan, which basically allows me to add in MobileWeb with 100 text messages for a grand total of the same cost as a web-less plan to you foolish mortals and college students. I've got to see if they will allow me to block my caller ID info, instead of dialing *67, because this phone is for emergencies only. And networking. I plan to strictly control who has access to my number, at any rate. I mean, I have unlimited schlong distance at home, so I only really need it for while I'm on the road (like in Vermont!). If people want me, they can text me. I fully intend to activate lj's text message service for paid users, as I have since I bought my first paid account.

Laundry today, maybe put some new tires on my car (READ: have the mechanic do it). I know a guy, he'll get me a discount. Friend of the family for ages and ages. I'm the discount king, really. Everyone on St. Mark's Place knows it, too. Maybe it's the hat that tips them off. I've certainly gotten my $30 out of that hat.

This worries me:
Different Kinds Of Charges and Surcharges We Set
∞ You agree to pay all access, usage, and other charges and surcharges we bill you, even if you weren't the user of your wireless phone and didn't authorize its use.

Standard Indemnity clause, eh? Ah, under "How We Calculate Your Bill" it says: "You can dispute your bill, but only within 90 days of receiving it. You must still pay any disputed charges until the dispute is resolved." That's not so bad. I can get my itemized bill online, thankfully. Everyone is charging to print up statements these days (I work for a bank, so I know), which is nice because it may actually help the environment. Yay, environment.

Your Rights For Dropped Calls Or Interrupted Service
If you get disconnected by our network from a call in your home airtime rate area, redial. If the same number answers within 5 minutes, call us within 90 days and we'll give you a 1 minute airtime credit. If service is interrupted in your home airtime rate area for more than 24 hours in a row due to our fault, call us within 90 days and we'll give you a pro rata daily credit, up to your monthly access charge, for that period. These are your only rights for dropped calls or interrupted service.

I hope you don't call with your wireless phone to redeem that one minute, because I'm sure you will lose out. Loser.

Hmm, it took me so long to read the terms that my session timed out. Ha! Guess it's to the telephone to order old skool.

Next is the group discount for MetLife Auto insurance. Wish me luck.

News: MetLife wanted to charge me $5000 a year for just liability. That's almost what my car's worth, and $1,500 more than I paid for it. Me thinky me save me money and go back to school, maybe buy a 2003 Regal in a few years (give them time to depreciate).

The audio on a few of the Vaya tracks I downloaded is terrible. Has anyone had problems with burning VBR tracks? Maybe they're just terrible quality.

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