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(ir)Responsible Commercialism

Okay, after all that sad bitching about Christmas and poverty, my mom told me that the money in my account is now mine, since I'm not paying for tuition next semester. Happy N@! She told me to go out today and shop some. I seized on the opportunity to get her a present, as well as a few things for myself. ;)

  • AFI - All Hallow's EP (has the original "Totalimmortal" on it that I love so much und eine cover of the MiSFiTs' "Halloween")
  • God Lives Underwater - Empty ("All Wrong")
  • Lucious Jackson - Fever in, Fever out ("Naked Eye")
  • Leona Naess - Comatised ("Charm Attack")
  • PUSA ("Lump" "Kitty" "Peaches" "Dune Buggy" etc.)
  • Primus - Sailing the Seas of Cheese ("Jerry Was a Racecar Driver")
  • Rasputina - Thanks for the Ether and How We Quit the Forest (I'm in love. Melora Creager, if you read this, please father my children)
  • Verve Pipe - Villians (caved in, even though I'm still pissed that everybody forgot about "Photograph" for that trite, shitty "Freshman" song.)
    Also saw "Martika's Kitchen" and thought of Anne. But I had already purchased too much chick rock or something. Yeah, that's it. I mean, I did get a helluva lot of chick rock. Wow.

    Non CDs:
  • CD carrying case - pocket size so I can carry 4 or 5 CDs when I go out, without having to worry about all 60 in my big case being stolen or lost
  • Mini Zen Gardening Kit - Thought Joy would get a kick out of this one. It's a little sandbox you rake and place rocks in! It's so simple, it's almost Zen!
  • Tolkien - Fellowship and Two Towers in Cheesy old dirty musty paperback form. Impulse buy.
  • The Collected Strangers in Paradise vol. I - I need to see what the fuss is about.

    All this plus my mom's present (which was not cheap) for less than $75. I'm a bargain hunter! Must be all that chick rock I'm listening to.
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