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Last Night, I Dreamt...

Wow, last night, I dreamt there was this underground movement of freestyle jivewalkers. I dreamt that not I alone would rather dance than walk. I even met Shaquille O'Neal (inspired most likely by the fact that at least two of my customers are pro atheletes), which would normally not be a big thing except he had the same smoove way of walking. Always ready to throw in a half-step, always with a tune in mouth, we are a rare breed. And then I woke up and remembered that I am alone. Oh well, I can still tap my way along the crosswalk and spin down staircases. Just by myself, for now.

And then I realized that like 90% of my friends/peeps/acquaintances are more than two time zones away, and the other 20% are in Florida. Time to become a multibillionaire.

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