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Like A Zero (drowning in a sea of higher numbers)

Remember the days when I used to come home and post on livejournal the lists of things I bought at fairly emmittious prices?

  • GameCube, Black
  • Metroid Prime, FREE
  • Memory Card 251
  • Pikmin, $20
  • Luigi's Mansion, $25 (I'm Luigicore)
  • Shadow Man, for the DC ($5 clearance)

    Plus I have the Zelda: Windwalker game preordered with the free Ocarina of Time 2nd Quest disc. The drive was really sweet up to the PPP mall in NY; I used cruise control for the majority of it and just admired the winter wonderland. I love the PIP anyway, but I've only really driven it in the summer and the fall or late at night. Parking was something of a bitch; I saw some guy walking toward my lane in the back of the lot, so I pulled out and went around once (the back lot is really small) and by that time he was out of the spot. I really hate it when people follow you to spots and wait for you to pull out. I often times cut across lanes for just that reason. Sometimes, if people are following me like some sort of capitalist pied piper, I will just keep going till I hit the access road and then they flip out. It's funny. But this chick caught sight of me just as I was entering the back lot, which pissed me off. I always like to check out my car before I get in it, and I could feel her eyes on me. Well, too bad. I got in my car soon enough but then my CD player got stuck in my jacket pocket as I was trying to take it out. So she waited. Part of me likes to do it because I'm petty, but the other half just wants to be left alone. If you wanted a parking space so bad, you should have left the house earlier, like I did. At least if you're circling the lot, you're looking for any open space. But when like three cars all follow one dude, that puts pressure on Mr. Man to up and leave, because they all want his space. Following me means you want me to leave, and I never like to feel like people just want me to leave. Fuck you, it's not your mall, you can't throw me out. And speaking of being thrown out, I ran up a down escalator to the fourth floor when no one was looking. So HA on your rules, fools. I feel good, though. When I got to Beast Buy, there was a Polish grandmother swarmed with like four or give grandbabies and they all wanted the GameCube. I made sure to point out to her the free game deal, since their signage on it was minimal at best, and then I kept running into her around the store and I answered a few questions for her. Nice lady, and my karma on /. is positive. For now.

    Why am I typing all of this when I have a new console to set up?

    Last night, I coded this. It's not much, but it's mine. GameCube owners can comment on game recommendations in the comments, pls oks tks.
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