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Watching Police Academy Six

Weird, weird synchronicity. Maybe it's not a coincidence, buuuut:

Ok, the guy who played Fackler was on Fridays, which also featured Melanie Chartoff. Now aside from being the mom on Rugrats, Chartoff was the principal (Ms. Musso), whose archnemesis was Dr. Norman Pankow, played by Gerrit Graham, who is ALSO IN THIS MOVIE. Wau. Ok, so not only was Gerrit Graham Jay Sherman's Alzeheimic father Franklin on The Critic, but he palyed various additional voices in The Little Mermaid, which he helped write. Who played the voice of King Triton in that same movie, the subsequent TV show and the sequel? Ken Mars, who not only plays the crazy German ranch owner on Malcolm in the Middle, but is the MAYOR IN THIS MOVIE. Dude, wtf? Maybe these actors all know each other and are best pals. Weirdly enough, he was also in the fairly amazing Citizen Ruth with David Graf, better known as Tackleberry. Sadly, Mr. Graf passed away in 2001, which I did not know. Why do I say sadly, I, Mr. Cruel Heartless Bastard? Well, I sure watched these movies a ton as a kid, and I always liked Tack. Seems like he was a nice dude in person, too. So yeah, my feelings and loyalties are somewhat skewed. Whatever. Corinne Bohrer is still hot.

And yes, Joe, Gerrit Graham was also Bud the Chud.

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