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Save the Last Dance has a song on the soundtrack posthumously contributed by Biggy Smalls. This gives me an idea for a movie. The premise is simple and obvious: Rap Star dies. His legacy is more profitable than his career. Studio finds sound-alike voice, uses voice record new 'unreleased studio tracks' ostensibly recorded by the actual 'artist' before he died. Studio makes billions, but they get so preoccupied milking the cash cow that people get suspicious that the artist's unreleased corpus was larger than his living work to the extent- get this, this is the genius part- that people make a movie based on these suspicions.

Malkovich? Malkovich Malkovich!

Well, okay, maybe that idea is a little recursively egotistical (not egotistically recursive, thank God).

Please forgive what's written below. I've been watching way too much Cinemax. There is a problem in American Cinema today. I mean, ewww.
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