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Holiday whine

I hear people talking about presents... what they got for Christmas...

I hope they appreciate what they have. All I got for X-mas was kicked out of school. That and $100 I spent already going to Boston (not complaining! I had fun). I am back to square one. Or zero. Or negative one.

Feh, I've always been underpriveledged. What makes this year so bad? I just hope all the assholes out there whining about having to go to class appreciate that some of us can't go to class, even if we want to. Assholes. And I thought I was self-centered. Tongue firmly in cheek on that last remark. (Hint: I am self-centered.)

I did not get a CD burner like at least three people. Not that I could afford blanks.
I did not get a digital camera or TV card or in fact any peripherals.
No CDs, not even bad ones, nor enough cash left over to buy one.
I am the one person out of 10 nowadays without a cel phone (of the people I know).

In fact, the only thing I did get for the holidays was love. So I guess I can't complain, right?

Thank you, love. Crushes, too. :)

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