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Putting the Zero in Lam0r

Ok, so I'm off from work (remember? I work Saturdays), and I could think of nothing better than to register at k5 and /.. I've started following both sites, as well as many many others (blogzilla introduced me to the Phoenix project!) with that whole livejournal syndication dealie I was talking about a while ago.

I really wanted to use "The Verb" as my handle on both sites, but it was already registered (or something similar) on /., so I used Eideteker. Big surprise, I know. I just liked that "the verb" is actually a noun (with a particle!). Mmm, particles.

Funny enough, k5 wouldn't take my spam@ address as a 'real address'. It told me it was not an actual e-mail address, which it is, dammit. Having been frustrated once already with something like this ( let me use that address, but not its daddy site, investorguide), I decided to create yet ANOTHER e-mail address. I currently have about six at alone. Since beyond normal speech I use 'nope' a lot (derived from the shortening of my trivial-site password of nopass or nopassword), I was going to use that, but then I thought I would add a 'ts' to the end of it, just to make people wonder what the fuck the 'ts' stands for. Man, I rock. Sometimes.

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