The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Like I Care

"Bush Says Shift by North Korea Could Bring Aid"

Hmm, could a truce between the US and North Korea be in the making? Could they even become allies in the war against the world(and God*)'s true enemy, Iraq. Quote President/Premier/King/Lord Kim Il Suk** (former front man for hip-hop combo Run-DMZ): "Man, I'm just as bored as shit. I don't care who the fuck I bomb. I'm a craaazy mofo like that."

Dude, we totally knew that.

*whoever that is
**or whatever the fuck his name is

"i'm a rice-eatin nigga wit my fingaZ on tha trigga
i'm tha storm that follows calm
look out motherfuckaZ, we got tha BOMB"
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