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She's not just a girl

So Pete Townshend has been arrested for viewing child pronographee. I can only imagine he received an e-mail from one of his nephews or whatever it is proper Englishmen have. "Unca Pete, check out this link*. It's teh bomb!" Fearing that there was an explosive device in his house, he hurriedly clicked about, trying to locate the information urgently. Just then, the local constabulatory happened by: "Oi, Pete! We know you're in there, and we know what you've been at. C'mon out with your hands and your pants up!" Quote Townsend, being led away in handcuffs: "I won't get fooled again."

I was going make that a full-fledged fake article, but I didn't want to seem like I was emulating the Onion. I just wanted to make people laugh. Or giggle. Or scream.

I'm thinking about buying a 1976 Ford pickup of some kind, and then pimping it out. Get some chrome rims, run some blue lights around under the body, lower the suspension, and maybe add a spoiler to the back, the cab, the hood, and a chinspoiler for the very front. And then trim the whole thing (even the rust spots) with gold. And then I could get one of those windshield banners at the top and it could say "The PIMP-UP Truck". And then I would rig everything with hydraulics. Even the ashtray and the radio.

*Dramatization: not actual link.

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