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That should read: "...Upon which I called dibs."

I hadn't realized we'd finalized things, but Meestopher Bek sent me the crap I called dibs on. Now I have to find the CDs I burned in September and then burn the rest of the ones I'd planned to send him. Good thing I just bought that frickin huge spindle of 100 CDs. And the 80 slimline jewel cases...

Anyone sensing a dog and bun problem here?

He also sent me a 10 track CD called "The 12 Step Guide" by a band called Believe in Toledo. Well, alright, I will. The last track is called "It's a Long Walk Home, So I Guess I'd Better Get Started". I think I will like these d00dz.

I'm so totally on the last book of Return of the King. Cognoscenti, here I come. Hmm, I should release a game (after I code it and learn to code) called "Kongnoscenti" where you play DonKing Kong and have to ascend the ladders of society. And then throw barrels from the top.

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