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Slow strumming guitar intro to hard rock overchorus

My checkbook is balanced. My credit cards are paid off. I originated my first loan app today; they're coming back tomorrow to finish the process. We'll see how it goes. I also confirmed that my job will get me a discount with Verizon, aww yeah. The Motorola t720 is calling me, as everyone keeps waving theirs in my face. I have a rebate to fill out for my monitor, yay cash money and a bling-a-bling. Still need to call on my discounted car ins.

I'm pretty comfortable in my job, but comfortable as in I know what I'm doing, not as in "I want to stay here."

School is calling me back. I need at least six figgaz to feed all mah niggaz.

I forgot I was awesome with the Tarot until someone brought it up at work last week.

I have
the perfect living specimen for trade

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