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I got my site's faveicon working. So now if you view it in Mozilla/IE and some other browsers, you can see The Shiny Red Ball Corporation's logo overlaid with tfdn — the fourth dot net.

Awww yeah.

Edit: While I was at it, I updated all my friends pages to include lj's pencil favicon. I'm also working on one for the Rubbertree Division of the Shiny Red Ball Corp. Why? Because who knows when I'll need it and this program expires in seven days.

Update: If you can see favicons, you can see the Shiny Red Ball Corporation, Rubbertree Division icon here.

Here's some background for you who just don't understand:
i: And the best is that it's like a Ninja Turtles reference
b: hehehe
i: Remember the big mutant turtle that the bad guys cloned?
b: slash?
i: And he was super strong and obsessed with his Binky?
i: Yes!
b: Yes
b: YES
i: His little rubber palm tree
b: yep
i: That has stuck with me all my life

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