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Honesty or mystery; I'm not scared anymore.

I was going to do this yesterday; I figured the Sunday doldrums would help it along. But I rushed out to do my laundry at nine so that I could see a 10 AM matinee of Die Another Day and then the 1PM showing of Nemesis (two shows for $11 instead of one!).

So now is probably the wrong time for this, since it's the 'holi'days and everyone is busy sending out cards and letters BUT I'm going to do it anyway. Consider it a 'Christ'mas or Michelmas or whatevermas gift to me.

Write an e-mail to me, of any length, detailing some aspect of your life. Open the door to your mind and send it to me. You can ask questions, but I'd like also to learn something about you. It doesn't have to be a page in length, but the longer it is, the more I'll have to reply to. I do plan to reply to every single e-mail you send, but I'd like to put more than "a-yep". Tell me what's bugging you, tell me what's great, tell me what you're doing these days, and most of all, forget about length. Just write.

For those who don't possess my e-mail address, my livejournal username works,

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