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Huh huh... he said "Gropius."

The Bauhaüs school of architecture was founded by Walter Gropius. When I was studying architecture as a thirteen year old, this was incredibly humorous.

Just say "bauhaüs" and "Gropius" a lot one day. Especially if you're feeling down. Then giggle like you've never giggled before. This is your homework. Remember what it was to be a child.

Gropi-gropey-GROWPEE-us.... HOOOOOOO!!! *Thundercats symbol on a nearby cloudbank*
Bauw bow bau, poppa oom mau mao. Po-poppa...
copious gropius... gropius maximus
Baouww-haousss it going, yo?
There is a Zen in childhood. The most ridiculous of mantras becomes the greatest freedom for your mind. Wallow in silliness.
It helps, sometimes.
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