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In A Word

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Yes' "Owner of a Lonely Heart" is the greatest music video of all time. And I am now the proud owner of a copy of the extended version. The way that the real world was black and white and the dream flashes were in color, the way he started twitching (later recalled by Our Lady Peace) in the ministry to the point where the Kafkaesque dudes escorting him couldn't even hold on to him, the way they incorporated the steel works/heavy metal thing so that it was actually a part of the video (moreso than BTO ever did). And man, the part where the members of Yes just appear on the rooftop and just fucking emanate towards the guy without moving; that was so totally badass. Then the dude jumps off the skyscraper and turns into a bird; between that and Pink Floyd's "Learning to Fly" video, it's a wonder I didn't plunge to my death by age six. Or like, turn into an eagle instead.

At the end, there's the part where the guy is walking on the sidewalk with everyone else again and he just stops, turns around, and goes the other way... well, I think it's pretty clear from the way I've lived my life since that that was one of the most influential moments in my developing years.

let your bare feet be the last sound that they hear *twitch*

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