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I remembered this week that I have a CD burner in my computer. So I set out last night to cut the illest 80's disc ever, which baka helped me name "No Naked Eyes." The central focus of the album was to be songs by Men at Work, A Flock of Seagulls, and The Replacements. So I opened with Bastards of Young, which I knew was the right choice when I started up my car and pushed play on the CD player. If I wasn't awake before, I was then. Alex Chilton followed, and I barely noticed the traffic what with all the rock going on in my closed cabin. Alex Chilton had been on VH-1 Classic yesterday, sparking my download binge, and it was followed by Punk Rock Girl [The Dead Milkmen]. I figured, why not? and so track 3 was decided. Men at Work followed, sans "Down under" or even "Who Can It Be (Now)?" Be Good Johnny, It's a Mistake, and the spectacular Overkill (all amazing videos, in the true MaW tradition) led me into Space Age Love Song and then Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You), both rather good songs from A Flock of Seagulls.

Suddenly, a few songs I hadn't heard in a while and did not have on .mp3 flashed into memory; both tracks from the decade in question. PiL's Rise, and Nu Shooz's "I Can't Wait". Remember Nu Shooz? I didn't, at first. I had to search a bit for the song... I knew the band was some cutesy name but I first tried Split Enz. Ha! I thought it was like Split something or something image like Split Image or Shattered Image, but I rememembered the cutesy Z. But hey. I've already told Jason this, but I am someday going to make a CD mix of Exposé/Nu Shooz/Stacey Q; all '86-'88 bubblegumsynthpopchixrock. Why, because making superhighlyspecificated subclassifications reveals just how pathetic music geeks are. And it's fun.

Angar is an en-ah-jee... Yeah, sing it, Johnny.

There are three archetypical mixtapes. There's the first tape of the relationship, filled with hope and expectations for the recipient. I hope she likes this. The second tape is an attempt to express yourself; this is how I feel about you. The third, if it comes, comes with understanding. That's the tape we all strive to make, the tape that the recipient is most apt to like, by definition, because it comes at a point of understanding. I know you will like this, because I know you now. I am thinking about this in a vague tangetial romantic vein, as I haven't made the mix CD/tape Becca asked me for awhile ago.

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