The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
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It's getting dark already.

I had the day off today and I didn't get a thing done. I haven't done laundry, and I haven't made an animated .gif of a pirate with a steering wheel in his pantaloons that says, "It's driving me nuts!"

I have played ludicrous amounts of GTA3. I stayed up till 6:30 ante meridiem playing GTA3. When it's dark outside, I can almost see enough details to drive around safely during the game's daylight hours. I really need a new monitor, but I still haven't received my rebates, though says they've been processed. I should received them soon, but how soon is soon? How soon is now, for that matter? It's not December yet and the post-nasality and phlegm have set it. It's going to be a long winter (if my time dilation experiments come off).

I woke up after 1PM. It's like I'm back in college.
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