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Yeah, I haven't been posting my usual ADD-inspired bipo[-hi]larity but in case anyone was curious, I finally heard back from my dean who I finally e-mailed Monday and I am actually finally almost sorta on the way to deciding if I will be returning to Cornell (in the near fuchar).


The P.S. - Oh, and community_quest was made an official community yestarday thanks to the magnificent jproulx at the suggestion of the lovely leora. Yeah, I run community_promo, but I didn't create it. So this is kinda a validation for me that I'm doing a good job. Since there's no working community directory/search at the moment, livejournal's support volunteers have been referring people to *my* community. I could be blushing, if I hadn't found that out in June. But now you know, as well; and knowing is half the battle.

G.I. Joe!

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