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The Quickest Taxes Ever

A few minutes ago, my mom was like, "Let's do your taxes." And I was like, "Ok." So I get all my files together and we sit down, and she's like, where's your W-2? And I'm like, what's a W-2? She flips out and tells me we can't do my taxes. I go back to my room and plop down in front of my Wall Street Journal Guide. Could I be any more apathetic?

I don't understand how the government can not know how much money I made last year. They know better than I do because it's their job. You'd think they would keep track of that stuff, since it's their money. They're so busy tapping phones and arresting people who send questionable e-mails that a little thing like someone's earnings should be fairly easy to find out. But hey, they probably owe me money. I would care more if I had a say in what my taxes went toward, but I don't, so if they're going to misappropriate my money anyway, they can have it. At least then maybe a decent amount will go to education.

Take the recent $1 monthly EZPass charge, which was instituted without any sort of notice or warning. I wouldn't mind paying it (if I had been told in advance, for one) because I am using the service, but then what the hell am I also paying taxes for? You can't have me pay for transportation and then also say, hey, we weren't going to tell you this but we're also going to charge you for the stuff you use even though you're already paying for it. It's like staying somewhere and they charge you by the night AND a monthly rent. Plus they charge you for the individual pieces of furniture in the room. I mean, c'mon, is it a hotel or an apartment or what? Whatever it is, no double-dipping. If you've mismanaged the system, it's coming out of your paycheck, not mine.

And yet people still come to me looking for some kind of maturity when it's obvious I'm not mature at all. This song is cool. Aside from how bonds work, that's about all I know right now.

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