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I dedicate this one to seiry because she rocks and Rick Allen of Def Leppard because today's his birthday and dude's had a hard time of it.

Ozzy Osbourne, I choose you!

Use your Drunken Slur attack!

> Kurt Cobain is confused!

> Kurt Cobain uses Angst attack.

> Kurt Cobain misses and does himself 216 points of damage.

> Kurt Cobain has fainted! Do you want to catch him?

R0ckéball, go!

> You do not have a mop or a large enough bucket.

I think with Fair Use, we could turn this into a successful marketing franchise.

> Ozzy Osbourne gains 12 experience and 16.4 r0ckébucks.

> The creature was carrying an item! You get Courtney's Love.


> You cannot discard this item. It has already been discarded too many times.

WAUGH! This game SUCKS!

Or maybe not...

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