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Fleetwood Mac's "The Dance".
At least they didn't spell it 'danse'. I would be willing to bet the McVies and maybe Mr. Fleetwood himself played a part in averting that feat of pretension. They always seemed like the serious musicians that kept the band together. Not that they (particularly Mick) aren't capable of being silly, but at least they're not childish. Does Stevie Nicks have any talent now that her voice has been ruined by years of cigarettes and other drugs? And while Lindsey Buckingham is an unquestionably gifted guitarist, he strikes me as the "I'm going home and I'm taking my guitar and my amps with me" sort. His maturity level is more on par with the 'members' of The Eagles. He could've been a member of their band but they thought he was a little too wussy, even for them. And that was before he told them what his name was.

And if no one leaves me any more story ideas, I'm taking my journal and going home.

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